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About Us

C-Å Ahlqvist AB / Unicurl
We are a small family business with a long history within sports and activity products. The company founder, Carl-Åke Ahlqvist started his journey in the late sixties importing plastic hockey sticks from the U.S. Carl-Åke managed to transform a toy into a sport. He was called crazy by his friends when he started Unihoc but today Unihockey/Florball is in the Olympic family of sports.

In the seventies Carl-Åke started to develop Unicurl Carpet Curling.

Today Unicurl is sold in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Japan, Belgium, The Netherlands, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany and Swizerland. Your country not listed? Dont worry! We sell all over the world. Just contact us!

Founder - Carl-Åke Ahlqvist

Carl-Åke Ahlqvist created Carpet curling in the mid 70´s. It was developed in cooperation with the Swedish Handicapped Sport Assosiation back than but has today spread and is played in schools, by seniors and at companies and events.