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Unicurl Carpet Curling

Swedish seniors stay active with Unicurl

So how do Swedish seniors stay active than? Well some of them plays Carpet Curling with Unicurl.

Sniors Stay Active with Unicurl
Sniors Stay Active with Unicurl

There are ca 1.8 million pensioneers in Sweden today. 700.000 of the Swedish seniors are active and members within the two main Senior organisations in Sweden. These organisations SPF Seniorerna and PRO are spread all over Sweden with local clubs in all corners of Sweden.

The clubs organise activities for their members and here Unicurl has been one of the fastest groving activities within these clubs. So why is it so popular? Well the players say themselves: “It’s a fun activity, you get to meet and play with your friends and be social”. The key for a healthy life 60+ is right there

A Social life – An active life – Seniors stay active and have fun together

Staying active is of great importance in all parts of life and especially when you get older. Unicurl Carpet Curling is a great way to be active. It’s not like running a marathon or anything but the players move quite a lot and use their bodies when playing.

“Enabling people to stay active as they grow older and to continue contributing to society is key to tackling the challenge of demographic aging.”
Koos Richelle
Director-General, European Commission’s Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion Directorate-General

Unicurl is a great tool to get people together – be active – and most important of all….having fun.